Swimming Ponds

Bathe in a natural water

Known as swimming ponds, bio swimming pools, natural or ecologic pools, these installations allow users to swim in a "living" water, on behalf of a biologic water depuration system, accomplishing the continental swimming water quality parameters stablished in CEE regulations.

Construction with local companies

Our construction system through collaboration with local companies allows us to streamline the work and contribute to each of its phases.

We directly carry out:


Debugging system calculation

Biodepuration system installation

Fully integrated designs

We produce a fully customized design and work according to the space used. It can either imitate a natural pond or it can blend with the design of the building and its characteristics.

Every design and budget are specifically produced for each project.

Minimum size 25 m2

Minimum depth 1,5 m

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Different terminations(finishing touches)

Advice and Management Fees:

Technical Assistance € 350.00

Biosystem Design and Calculation: € 1,500.00

Construction Management and Direction: € 100.00 / m2 of total area

All Natural System

This swimming pond offers a rich natural experience, with a variety of flora and fauna. This type does not use any filtering technology, but a small waterfall, spring source, or water source can be used. It is normal for the water to be cloudy from time to time, just like in nature. Energy costs are low or non-existent, and maintenance is carried out periodically (plant pruning, deep cleaning). The walls of this type of swimming pond are not kept free of algae or biofilms. The use of bacteria is strongly recommended to reduce maintenance and improve overall water quality.

The water is likely to be green and cloudy in the warmer spring and summer months.

Virtually all ponds require a filter system, especially if the pond is heavily used. A filterless pond is only possible if there are many purifying plants, few or no fish, and no direct sun exposure. A Natural type swimming pond uses natural filtration provided by plants, and no technology is used.

Technical System

Swimming pond Technical Type

"Swimming in natural waters with limited flora and fauna, possibly separated from the bathing area."

The construction and filter technology of this type of swimming pond guarantee crystal clear water for year round swimming. Energy efficient pumps run 24/7 throughout the season. Regular care and maintenance are necessary.

This type of swimming pond offers a natural experience, good plant growth and a diversity of fauna. Carefully selected technology guarantees clean water throughout the year.

Techniques used: bottom drains, skimmers, sieve filters, bead filters and UV-C. Maintenance is carried out periodically (plant pruning). Regular maintenance is also necessary (for example, backwashing the filter). These swimming ponds offer an excellent natural experience in crystal clear waters.

Estanques-Piscina Official AquaForte dealer.

We develop our projects in the whole spanish peninsula.

Send us an enquiry for pricing and addittional costs in case of Canary and Balearic islands.


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Francisco Vinuesa.

Landscaper from 1991. Designing and constructing natural swimming ponds from 2006.


Ignacio Solano.

Technical Architect (Construction engineer).

Bio-construction expert.